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Reduce water consumption, whilst bathing in a stronger stream of soft water in your RV shower.
The Orbit Soft Water aids the following problems:

  • Dry or itchy skin after showering
  • Trouble getting a good lather
  • Hair dry or frizzy despite conditioner use
  • Scaly film on shower screens and tiles
  • Scale problems on your showerhead



Banish limescale, dry itchy skin and hair frizz with the Orb Spa Soft

If you live in a hard water area, the Orb Spa Soft promises even smoother hair and skin and stops unsightly scale build-up. By transforming your hard water into soft, thanks to its clever built-in Softwater technology.

54 soothing ‘Soft Touch’ Sensors

Imagine the sensation of 54 ‘Soft Touch’ Sensors gently vibrating against your skin, whist you are simultaneously soothed, hydrated and cleansed by the powerful, patented ‘injet’ performance. It’s an experience not to be missed!

3-speed electronic massage

In less than a minutes you can easily replace your existing shower head with this innovative Great British creation, thanks to the universal screw-on fitting. And the clever design allows you to remove the vibration module and savour the delights of a handheld ‘access-all-areas’ electronic massage and exfoliation treatment in the privacy of your own bathroom – without the expense or the hassle of time- consuming salon visits.

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